Psst...your customers already have a bit of a habit.

According to PWC, 32% of American shoppers are buying products on mobile at least once a month. That shows that many have fit this activity into their monthly routines—meaning they're more likely to respond to well-timed messaging that prompts them to make a purchase.

Speaking of purchases, Amazon has a major head start.

PWC reports that 56% of all shopping—everywhere in the world—happens on At least 45% of American shoppers begin their product searches on Amazon. So, how can you bring your brand top-of-mind when they already have a one-stop source? We have a few ideas.

One-size-fits-all messaging? Shoppers have outgrown it.

Customers notice when they're just another name on the list. IBM states that only 22% of customers feel that the average brand does a good job of personalizing their relationship. That number only rises to 37% when consumers describe their favorite companies.

Great digital experiences lead to purchases in the real world.

Your customers don't see borders between experiences. Forbes reports that 70% of online buyers who purchased from a retailer’s store have had a recent digital interaction with the retailer. That means that your store is just another touchpoint in the greater scheme of engagement.

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How They Did It

Cross-Channel Personalization

Personalize messaging across channels using your customer data. This personalization scales, so that you can be thoughtful whenever, wherever.


Dynamic Content

Send messaging infused with real-time information, like local weather or rewards program milestones, taken from public APIs and your servers.



Stop waiting forever for data. Import and export high volumes of data in milliseconds with Currents, our data streaming tool.


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