Thoughtful personalization

Your customers are telling you who they are. Show them you're listening with personalized push notifications, email, and in-app messaging that reflects their interests, behaviors, location, previous purchases, and more.

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Targeted responses

Your customers' behaviors should guide your interactions with them. Braze delivers live customer views that collect and present you with historical, in-the-moment, and predictive data. Use that information to create smarter messaging triggered by the real world.

Borderless engagement

Collaboration across departments. Engagement across channels. Braze enables it all. We empower teams with easy ways to join together and deliver unified experiences across devices.

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Lifecycle Engagement’s About the Journey

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Robust User Profiles

Let customers be your guide

Your user profiles should inform your approach. They're the key to transforming strangers into loyal friends of your brand. Age, gender, location, purchases, likes, and other data will determine the success of your engagement. The more information, the better.

Engaging Across Channels

Show up where it counts

Customers expect your presence across channels. Ideas for achieving that? Welcome emails. In-app message tutorials. Funny rich push campaigns. This-just-in web push alerts. Bottom line: these are all opportunities to engage, impress, and inspire your users. They become experiences your customers remember down the line.

Send Dynamic Content With Canvas

Keep things interesting

Cookie-cutter messaging just doesn't resonate. Captivate your audience with dynamic content: messaging infused with real-time information, like local weather or relevant flight data, taken from public APIs and your servers. Add these responsive, personalized experiences to your customers' journeys on Canvas, our visual experimentation tool.

Location Marketing Suite

Think outside the box

Your customers are on the go. The Braze Location Marketing Suite gives you insights you need to bridge the gap between online interests and their real-world behaviors. Use this data to create real-time, contextual messaging experiences that match what’s going on in their daily lives.

Retail & Ecommerce Section

Generic messaging. Bad mobile experiences. Amazon. Your new bottom-line enemies, revealed.


Urban Outfitters & Anthropologie's Accuracy

These popular brands use data-infused campaign messaging to bridge the gap between real-world and digital behaviors.


1-800-Flowers' Abandoned Cart Magic

The old abandoned cart trick—it brings customers back every time. All it takes is some nimble experimentation and strategic personalization.


Delivery & Transportation

The market's growing and expectations are higher than ever. Every trip matters. Every order counts.


Delivery Hero Optimizes Satisfaction

Delivery Hero processes 12 million orders over 34 markets. But every customer still gets personalized, real-time messaging across devices. #goals


Lyft Fuels Amazing Experiences

This transportation titan uses experimentation to learn what works for each passenger and optimize experiences at scale.


Media & Entertainment

News travels faster. Everyone's talking at once. Your customers have new expectations—see what they are.


ABC News's Trailblazing Campaigns

Learn why ABC News came out on top during one of the busiest nights of the year: America's 2016 election.

The Oscars: Your Big Opportunity

Hollywood's big night drew 34.3 million viewers in 2016. Here are the best ways to shine during the main event.


Travel And Hospitality

Mobile's changed how customers perceive ease, speed, and convenience. What does that mean for you?


Five Brands Redefining Travel

Airbnb and momondo are among the new leaders in travel marketing. Learn from the experiences that strengthen their customer loyalty.


Keys to Engaging Your Customers

Looking for smarter, fresher ways to whet your customers' appetites? Here are three new-school rules for quick service engagement.


GDPR Compliance

Avoid an expensive headache by joining #TeamCompliant with Braze. Prepare with the facts, stats, and key developments surrounding the EU's new General Data Protection Regulation.


2-Factor Authentication, Whitelisting, and More

Our enterprise-grade permissions systems, airtight governance, and strict access controls ensure that your data stays in the right hands.


Cross-Channel Personalization

Personalize messaging across channels using your customer data. This personalization scales, so that you can be thoughtful whenever, wherever.


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