Finally, a way to speak directly to your web visitors.

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Web Push

Bring your customers back to your website with web push—short notifications that appear at the top right corner of your screen. Use Braze to share breaking news, promotions, and more with your web push subscribers (even when they’re not on your site).

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In-Browser Message

There’s so much more to your site than your homepage. Lead customers where they should be with in-browser messages. With Braze, you can create visually dynamic promotional slides, tutorial messages, email capture forms, and more, using this easy-to-customize messaging tool.

Content Cards

With Content Cards, you can send a highly targeted, dynamic stream of rich content to your customers right within your app or website, all without interrupting their experience. Showcase featured content, news, video, important updates, and more.


Braze ensures that your emails work well with your web messaging strategy with our easy-to-use email editor, personalization tools, testing methods, and unified reporting. Our dedication to deliverability means that you can trust that your emails will be delivered to the right place, at the right time. Plus, we keep migration from being a headache—our team gets you up and running with little to no time at all.

Rule the Inbox


We support a wide variety of web messaging to customers on the Apple iOS platform, Android platforms, and other popular SDKs. This adds the flexibility and speed you need to get your campaigns up and running in the most efficient way possible.


Braze is built to integrate well with many popular platforms. You can use one of our numerous integrations to make Wordpress post a trigger within Braze, keeping you up to date on freshly published posts that will stand out in your messaging.


Braze makes it easy to send relevant data to third-party vendors or preferred endpoints. You can also use them to sync data, modify app behavior, or launch triggered actions outside of your app, such as adding an update to a customer’s account or sending a perfectly timed push notification.

After optimizing their campaigns with Braze, Urban Outfitters' overall message open rates jumped over 100%.

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