Drag, drop, launch

Imagining, designing, building, launching, analyzing, and optimizing multi-step, multi-channel, multivariate campaigns is hard. Our drag-and-drop customer journey tool, Canvas, helps your harness the full power of Braze with ease.

Let the customer be your guide

A personalized, cross-channel onboarding experience is the first step in a lasting customer relationship.

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You really can be everywhere

Meet your customers on their terms, everywhere they need you, with dynamic messaging on one channel or many. From email to push, SMS to web push, take your marketing mix to the next level with Canvas.

See the Cross-Channel Difference

Find your best strategy, fast

Dive into the science of marketing with easy multivariate testing that optimizes toward your most successful variant, so you can dream big and win fast.

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Good timing is half the battle

Personalization isn’t all about content. It’s about context, too. From 12PM to “it’s raining”, choose from a selection of delivery options in Canvas for timing that feel like magic, not marketing.

Test, analyze, learn, repeat

From high-level custom conversion rates to message-level results, get the data you need in the format you need it through easy Dashboard results and exportable reports.

Real Data In Real-Time

Collaborate and elevate

Get out of channel silos. Build, test, and optimize your cross-channel messaging strategies all in one interface, without missing a beat. It's never been easier to work across teams.

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